Grant Application Guide


In order to utilize its resources wisely, the Foundation generally adheres to the following guidelines:

  1. The geographic area of interest is generally limited to recipients in the State of Michigan.
  2. The Foundation does not make direct grants or provide loan funds to individuals.
  3. The Foundation does not make grants for travel and conferences. Funds are not provided for books, publications, films, tapes, audio-visual or other communication media.
  4. An Environmental Impact Statement is required for any new building, or renovations that include major changes to the original foot print.

Application Procedure

Charitable organizations other than private foundations may apply for a grant. Elaborate presentation are not necessary. Please Email the following application information to:

Organizations seeking aid from the Foundation should complete the Grant Application Cover Sheet and provide the information requested on the second page of the application form. Be sure to include the attachments listed in Part B.

Click here to access the Grant Application Form.

The Foundation reserves the right to ascertain through certified accountants of the recipient organization whether a potential grant will cause the organization to lose its public foundation status.